Panel 2: Kommunikations- und Interaktionskulturen: eEducation, Politik und Körper

Marina Grzinic: (Former) Eastern Europe, Feminism and Politics

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I would like to put forward some points that will help us in rearticulating the situation we have in social, theoretical and political terms in the present moment in Europe, regarding the former Eastern European space and gender histories and struggles.
Gianni Vattimo, when thinking about New Europe talks about the gene of socialism that can be seen as something specific to Europe as a whole. In doing so he simply suggests that we have to put into parenthesis the real socialist histories of horrors of Europe. But the history of socialism cannot be evacuated from its Eastern European legacy. The gene of socialism as proposed by Vattimo is a process of swallowing up, or better, of evacuating several decades of East Europe's history. This means to evacuate precisely those conditions of impossibility that would normally prevent to see socialism to be seen only as a process of humanization and prosperity.
In short, it would be possible to subtitle this second part of my text the following: "To whom does the gene of Socialism belong to?"
Talking about genes then means to underline the gene of oppressions and wars exported from the nucleus of Europe toward its East/South borders or out of Europe. These genes produced millions of refugees, immigrants, people without papers, trafficking of bodies and minds, slavery of millions, etc.
The gene of inclusion and exclusion from or within Europe is to be seen today according to Gail Lewis, the British theoretician, also in the form of the black female body, the body in constant processes of trafficking, exploitation and being subsumed within different stories of contemporary racism. Alison M. Jaggar, in an interview published in Zarez, Zagreb said that on a global neoliberal scale contemporary democracy has the face of white men! And, she added, what is to be heard from the other part of the gender divide is only the wealthy academic white women elite.


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