Viewing the elearning landscape through the lens of gender

Gill Kirkup: Lecture im Rahmen von eGender

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In Universities we are busy dealing with the impact of elearning tools and pedagogies on our students and our staff and our knowledge domains. We know that elearning can create opportunities; we worry that it also creates barriers. But who benefits and who is disadvantaged is not yet clear. In this new higher education landscape the complexities of gender can be overlooked because our attention is fully occupied with new structures, technologies, practices, markets, and too few resources. Women students, on the other hand, don’t cause us worry; overall they appear to be performing well. However, it is possible to lose the gender equality gains that have been achieved in the last thirty years in the complexities of change. In this lecture I will argue that the new elearning landscape needs to be examined through the lens of gender. I will review what is known about women’s access to, and use of the technologies of elearning, and relate this to what we know about gender and higher education. I will discuss how gender mainstreaming principles can be integrated into good practices in the design and delivery of elearning, to increase the opportunities for all.


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